Msheireb – Perfume de Ambiente

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Faraway landscapes, forgotten memories and deep emotions are treasured in a cloud of fragrance. Fueguia 1833 Perfume de Ambiente adds an olfactory dimension to every space, bringing the aromatic creations of artist Julian Bedel into the home.


In addition to the Pura Esencia, Fueguia 1833 Perfumes de Ambiente are blended with our own bioactive formula; 45 medicinal plant extracts with biocide effects and organic ethanol.

Each Perfume de Ambiente comes in a 200ml engraved biophotonic glass bottle with a spray trigger and is carefully packaged in Fueguia 1833 Patagonia map paper.


Spray the fragrance into the room or directly onto the fabrics of clothes, curtains, bed, and pillows at a suitable distance (at least 25 cm) to have the house and fabrics delicately scented. Repeat according to the intensity desired. The aroma will last for several hours.