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Year Launched: 2023

Colección: Destinos

Main Olfactory Family: Floral

Secondary Olfactory Family: Aromatic


Tonic Note: Marcela

Dominant Note: Jazmín del País

Sub Dominant Note: Carqueja

Melodía Limón, Espinillo Flower, Dama de Noche, Cedrón, Coronilla Wood, Cabreuva Wood, Butiá, Copaiba Resin, Palo Santo

The wind that raised me and the storm that shaped me.

-Gabriela Hearst

Paysandú takes inspiration from rural Uruguay, where Gabriela Hearst and Julian Bedel were raised.

Based on the research of two Nobel prizes, Leopold Ruzicka – who during the mid-1920’s studied the molecular structure of musk— and Linda B. Buck – awarded in 2004 alongside Richard Axel, for their discoveries in scent as a code and a subtle form of communication through volatile molecules— Julian Bedel developed this idea of musk as a language, an amplifier of one’s scent. This compound of pheromone messengers helps volatilize the aroma of skin. As a result, each individual’s aromatic identity gets amplified and gives a distinctive character to each perfume. Ultimately, each person will have a different version of the scent. An exclusive formula of Fueguia’s musk of plant origin was developed both for Paysandú and New York.

True to Fueguia’s mission of botanical research and scientific innovation, the ingredients that compose Paysandú were produced in Fueguia Botany in Manantiales, Uruguay. Marcela and Carqueja, ingredients that had never been used in perfumery, were extracted through Super Critical CO2 at Fueguia’s unique high-end facilities and are what gives a significant part of the unique character of the scent. Marcela, traditionally used by the Charrúas people as a medicinal plant, is still a symbol of this cultural heritage in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina.