Muskara Aquilaria

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Year launched: 2022
Collection: Muskara

    Main Olfactory Family: Oud
    Secondary Olfactory Family: Musk

      Perfume Chord:

      Tonic note: Oud
      Dominant note: Muskara Phero J.

      From the encounter between oud and Muskara Phero J. comes a heavenly elixir, sensual and mysterious. A rare blend of different botanical varieties of oud resulted from founder Julian Bedel's continuous research into the perfect representation of this fascinating ingredient.

      Using the purest, single molecular variables, Muskara Aquilaria combines an exceptionally high percentage of traditional South Asian ouds with an absolute novelty in the world of perfumery, a spectrum of South American ouds discovered and distilled by Julian Bedel himself.

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